The new Emmeti Dry Alu Floor system represents the ideal solution for installations that require minimum thicknesses, reduced weight on the floors and quick operational start-up of the system.
In fact, Emmeti Dry Alu Floor has been designed for installations with dry application, without screed, applicable above existing floors or completely flat sub-bases.
The pipes are laid in coils.
Available in two different thicknesses (30 and 40 mm total) it's particularly suited for application in building renovations.

The system is composed of:
- A moulded expanded polystyrene panel (type EPS 200) for thermal insulation, with shaped surface with longitudinal and orthogonal chases (pitch 150 mm) for 17x2 pipe, coupled with an aluminium conductive foil (thickness 0.3 mm).
- A moulded expanded polystyrene panel (type EPS 200) for thermal insulation, with shaped surface with longitudinal, orthogonal and curved chases for 17x2 pipe, coupled with a rigid polystyrene film, for the realization of the head curves and the crossings corresponding to the doors and collectors.
- A polyethylene separation sheet
- Two galvanized steel plates (with and without adhesive side), for the realization of the dual upper layer for thermal conduction and distribution of the load.
In the case of flooring, it is recommended that the type underlayment with joints, laid without glue.
For the adhesion of floor coverings of ceramic or stone type, it is necessary to use specialized adhesives for metal surfaces (typically a polyurethane glues), providing the joints of at least 4/5 mm and grouting with suitable fillers elastic. It 'should the tiles are of no larger than 40 cm per side.

  • 1 Dry Alu Floor panel with aluminium foil
  • 2 Dry Alu Floor head panel
  • 3 Emmeti pipe PE-Xa 17x2
  • 4 Perimeter insulation strip
  • 5 Polyethylene separation sheet
  • 6 Galvanized steel plate (first layer)
  • 7 Galvanized steel plate with adhesive (second layer) glued to the first
  • 8 Skirting
  • 9 Floor
  • 10 Plaster
  • 11 Self-levelling layer
  • 12 Slab
CodeDimensionPack m²
28134104600 x 300 x 28 / H105,76


Panel in polystyrene type EPS 200, complies with EN 13163, with dovetail joints on 4 sides and top film in rigid PS. Suitable for the creation of the head curves of the serpentine circuits, with pitch 150 mm.