This complete range of built-in, wall or ceiling mounted dehumidifiers provides perfect humidity control and blends in with all types of room.
A double water coil refrigerant cycle allows Dumy Floor dehumidifiers to reduce ambient humidity in such a way that air enters and leaves the units at the same temperature. Because water particles do not require air moviment to diffuse, this means that draught is minimal and highly localised.
Technical data EPD 26-4SI
Condensed humidity lt / day: 25.5 (26 °C / 65%)
Air flow rate (nominal): 250 m³/ h
Static pressure max: 65 Pa
Inlet air temperature (min-max): 15 °C - 32 °C
Water flow rate (nominal): 220 l / h
Water pressure drop: 11 kPa
Water temperature (min-max): 15 °C - 19 °C
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 360 W
Refrigerant (R134a): 0.24 kg
Sound pressure (max) 1 m: 49.2 dB (A)
Net Weight: 29 kg
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Dimensions unit: W 645 x H 247 x D 550 mm