Class of precision in accordance with UNI EN 1434: 3
Environmental class as per UNI EN 1434: C
Permanent flow rate: 1.5 m³/h (version DN15), 2.5 m³/h (version DN20)
Maximum flow rate: 3 m³/h (version DN15), 5 m³/h (version DN20)
Minimum flow rate size DN1 zontal installation 30 l/h, vertical installation 60 l/h
Minimum flow rate size DN20: zontal installation 50 l/h, vertical installation 100 l/h
Nominal pressure: 16 bar
Temperature range of flow rate measuring device: 3 - 90 °C
Temperature range of electronic unit: 1 - 130 °C
Flow-return temperature difference: 3 - 100K
Type of sensors: Pt500 - Ø 5.2 mm - cable 1.5 m
Battery powered, estimated maximum duration, not guaranteed, battery 10 years (the battery life depends on the installation and usage conditions). The battery is guaranteed 4 years from date of sale.
Product compliant with UNI EN 1434 and certified in accordance with Leg. Dec. no. 84 of 19/05/2016 (implementation of the MID European Directive 2014/32/EU).
CodeDimensionPcs. packType
02708208DN15 Conn. M 3/4' - 1,5/3,0 m³/h1H/C (*)
02708226DN20 Conn. M 1' - 2,5/5,0 m³/h1H/C (*)


(*) Hot/Cold

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