Operation and technical characteristics:
-Ventilation mode: Three speeds available plus automatic.
-Cooling mode
-Heating mode
-DRY/Dehumidification mode: To reduce relative humidity without turning the temperature down too much.
-AUTO/Automatic operation: This selects the operating mode based on pre-set parameters to provide the room with conditions of utmost comfort.
-Digital clock: Visualization of the clock from the remote control.
-TIMER/Timer setting: To preset the startup and the shutdown of the air conditioner.
-SLEEP/Night-time setting: To maintain optimum temperature during sleep periods.
-Turbo function: To cool or heat the room intensely.
-Blow function: Fan runs when unit is stopped to prevent generation of mould and odors inside indoor unit.
-TEMP function: When the TEMP symbol is displayed the internal temperature of the room is showed for 5 seconds.
-Double temperature range: It allows to set/visualize the temperature in °C or °F.
-AUTORESTART/Automatic restarting: To automatically restart the system after an interruption of the power supply.
-AUTODIAGNOSIS/Maintenance: It indicates any functioning problems.
-Anti-dust filter: The indoor unit is equipped with a purification filter of the dust.
-Remote control: Liquid crystal display (LCD) with clear indication of functions.
-Remote control functions block: To block all the functions directly from the remote control.
-AIRSWING/Automatic movement of the vertical flap: Automatic adjustment of the vertical air flow direction.
-I Feel function: The real perceived room temperature from the remote control is sent to the infrareds receiver of the internal unit which will set it automatically.
-Ionizer: Air conditioners are equipped as standard with Cold Plasma system which assures an air sterilization above the 95% together with the smell eliminationnegativ ions.
-Manual movement of horizontal deflector: To manually adjust air flux horizontally.
-Multi-speed fan: Four speed settings are available.
CodeModelDimensions WxHxD mmSEER/SCOPCapacity kW (Cooling)*Capacity kW (Heating)**
07010330XECO-0915770x283x207 (IU) 776x540x320 (OU)6,5 (A++) / 4,0 (A+)2,70 (0,45-2,90)3,10 (0,45-3,30)
07010335XECO-1215770x283x207 (IU) 776x540x320 (OU)6,1 (A++) / 4,2 (A+)3,50 (0,60-3,75)3,80 (0,60-4,00)
07010340XECO-1815865x305x222 (IU) 955x700x396 (OU)6,1 (A++) / 4,0 (A+)5,30 (1,20-5,50)5,80 (1,10-6,00)
07010345XECO-24151007x315x226 (IU) 980x790x427 (OU)6,1 (A++) / 4,0 (A+)6,50 (2,53-7,00)7,00 (2,53-7,60)


Refrigerant R410A (GWP = 2088) - Power supply (V-ph-Hz): 230-1-50
(*) Cooling standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 27(19) °C; external temperature = 35 °C
(**) Heating standard nominal conditions: internal temperature = 20 °C; external temperature = 7 °C
(IU) = indoor unit - (OU) = outdoor unit